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Day/Night vision blinds are a fairly recent invention and have become very popular due to their modern look and practical nature. The two contrasting fabrics move together to allow you to let the sunlight in or block it out completely. We have a large range of colours and fabrics to choose from and these can also be motorised.

Get absolute stunning blinds; designed as a two in one day and night vision blinds.


Are you looking to let in some light during the daytime and close up for a good night sleep, the day and night vision blinds allow you to do exactly that with their innovative and dual purpose design. 

By rolling down, to block out light, alternating fabric slides against one another to create the switch between a blocking out daylight or letting in some sunshine through the contrasting set of stripes.


Let  your window bay stand out with the statement look of our stunner day and night blinds.


Full high quality blinds, contemporary day and night blinds from Joseph Michael Shutters and Blinds.