The best of both worlds

Tier on tier shutters can offer the benefits of both the full height shutters and the café style shutters in one product. You can choose to fully open the top section to allow plenty of light in while keeping the bottom section closed to maintain your privacy or any combination of the two. You still keep the insulation advantages of full height shutters but also have the option to brighten up your room.


Remodel your home with our charming tier on tier shutters in Worcestershire. Our premium tier shutters will add elegance to you home with a variety of designs, colors and material.

Book a free consultation with us; where we will visit your home and measure your windows and doors for the optimal dimensions. A free and no obligation visit to your home allows us to examine all the possibilities which fit into your style and decor. 

What do you get:

  • Quality tier shutters installed right in the comfort of your home in Bromsgrove and Worcestershire,

  • Personalised services from a trusted local business

  • Exceptional customer service to meet your needs